Bureo Skateboards – The most environmentally friendly boards ever.

Bureo Skateboards are making what might be the most environmentally friendly boards ever.

Discarded and broken fishing nets make up for about ten per cent of all plastic pollution in the sea. Based on this Bureo decide to make their decks out of recycled fishing nets, recovered in Chile. You might think that it’s not fish net recycled boards will save the planet. You’re absolutely right, it won’t. But in this world of mass consumption it’s good to take part in such an initiative. It will reduce the amount of pollutant in the sea which helps its eco-balance, restores the oxygen-producing algae fam and provides you with some breathable air. In that way, Bureo Skateboards really are saving the planet.

Chief executive Rose Marcario from Patagonia who backed up this project as part of their $20 Million And Change campaign, says it will “make a serious dent in the amount of plastic that gets thrown away in our oceans.” Believe that.

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