Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It

Jurassic 5 just kicked the game in the nuts! Well not really but after an 8 year silence the group came together and dropped this joint out of nowhere.  Plus the fact that they are all about 40 now going on tour and still kicking it hard is enough to be considered as a wake up call to young emcees.  Chali2Na, DJ Nu-Mark, Cut Chemist, Marc 7, Akil, each delivers dope verses over a Heavy D beat, from which we don’t hear too often either, using a The White Stripes’ “My Doorbell” sample. Jurassic 5 may not be back as in making another album or switching their style on us, Jurassic 5 stays authentic and delivers what we expect from such a legendary group, dope verses over a dope upbeat production.

For the Jurassic 5 European and USA dates go to the J5 website. It starts in June and is probably hitting a city near you!

Enough said, enjoy!


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