La Devise Book of the Day: A Decade of Swiss Design Lost in Brooklyn, Grotesk.

Over the past 10 years, Swiss born and Brooklyn living, graphic designer Grotesk has been doing his thing in the great city of New York. He has blessed many brands with his iconic designs and unique graphic language, Upper Playground, Zoo York, SixPack and many more. He also collaborated with NYC’s finest such as Spike Lee or even the notorious Bushwick graffiti vandals.

This book, put together by the people over at Upper Playground, features 200 illustrations, designs and artworks created by Grotesk over the past 10 years . This book is a must have, like pretty much all the books we will be presenting over the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

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Produced, shot and edited by Alexander Millimeter.
Music by Alexander Spit.


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