Lisa Leone – Here I am

Hip Hop was community before being an industry. Lisa Leone captured the essence of this culture with her unique shots of The Bronx, Paris, and Los Angeles’ early 90s Hip hop. Music, dance, art and fashion, she documented all of it, her photos are gathered in her first publication ever, entitled Here I Am. From Nas, in the first studio recordings for what would become the legendary Illmatic album, to Wyclef and Lauryn Hill, jammin’ on a rooftop. Dive into Leone’s world and get familiar with people who forged and continue to influence the energy that is hip hop.

I’ll let NYC Graffiti legend Mare 139 describe Lisa’s work.
“Hip Hop was an amalgamation of disciplines that coexisted and collectively changed the world we knew. Today its divided existence pales to its once innocent intentions of being acknowledged. Lisa’s photography captures a culture in transition; it is through her lens that one can appreciate the journey of the young artists who helped pave the way for generations to come.” —Mare139

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